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Diamond Rose Academie D'Armes

Historical Fencing


Class Times


Grass Valley

Banner Grange

12629 McCourtney Road

7:00pm - 9:00pm



Youth and Civic Center

1830 B Street




Canyon View Community Center

471 Maidu Drive

Beginner's Class 6:00-7:00pm

Advanced Class: 7:00-9:00pm

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Established in 1999, the Diamond Rose Academie D'Armes is a historical fencing school which has taught over 4000 students of all ages the Western European martial art of the sword.

The style of swordsmanship we teach is rooted in the French tradition, using the transitional rapier and smallsword of the 17th and 18th centuries. Many of our students have gone beyond our our foundational curriculum to study and demonstrate Spanish, Italian and German rapier forms, as well as 19th century sabre.


We also offer training with offhand weapons paired with the sword, such as buckler, dagger, cloak, cane, and the use of two swords as part of our curriculum for the higher ranks.

In Northern California, our classes can be found in the cities of Auburn, Marysville, and Nevada City, where we offer martial instruction in addition to demonstrations for schools, organizations, and community events.

Rank Structure

Novice- Upon attaining the rank of Novice, a fencer is permitted to engage in controlled  combat with other ranked fencers. Novices also learn the use of the dagger in combination with the rapier.

Usher- Fencers who have attained the rank of Usher may fence with Sword and Dagger in tournaments. Ushers learn the use of Buckler, Cain, and Cloak as additional offhand weapons.

Cadet- Those who rise to the rank of Cadet must be considered competent in all of the common offhand weapons used, as well as extremely proficient in the use of the single sword. Cadets study the use of two swords, as well as other primary weapons such as the Saber.

Scholar- In order to attain the rank of Scholar, the fencer must submit a paper on an element of fencing which is not thoroughly examined in the Diamond Rose curriculum.

Free Scholar- A Free Scholar continues to study styles of fencing based in other cultures, and is expected to instruct frequently within the Diamond Rose Academy.

Courtier- The few who attain the rank of Courtier must be prepared to start and sustain their own class within the Diamond Rose.

Rank Structure

Progressing through the rank structure requires dedication and practice. To attain the rank of Novice, a fencer must attend classes for at least three to six months. Any of higher ranks may take a year or more of study to attain.

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